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Couple Holding Fish

Fishing Excursion ​

Whether you're drawn to Flyfishing or Conventional Fishing, PalacioBlanco stands as the ultimate destination to engage with the aquatic wonders of The Sea of Cortez. We offer complete days out on the water, and each expedition comes inclusive of live bait.

Our waters provide the opportunity to reel in various species, including Dorado (June-Nov), Yellowfin tuna (August-Dec), Yellowtail (Jan-May), Cabrilla (year-round), Sierra (Nov-May), Pargo (year-round), Wahoo (June-November), as well as Striped Marlin, Blue marlin, Black marlin, and Sailfish, among others.

Once you've finished your breakfast, a short descent down
the stairs places you on your awaiting boat – it's truly that simple.

The Hookup Package is designed for groups of three and involves three occupants per boat. For those interested in a Fly Fishing Vacation, we cater to pairs, with two individuals sharing a boat.

*For fly fishing enthusiasts, please bring your own fly gear, with 10s and 12s being the recommended choices.

Fishing Day Trip:

Avaliable: All year long.

Best season May - October

Duration: 8 hours

Group: Rod&Reel minimum and maximum 3 per boat; Fly
Fishing minimum and
maximum 2 per boat.

Includes: Lunch, live bait when available, filleting service, Ziplock service, rod and reels, hooks, weights, limited lures.


Fishing license, tips, frozen bait, vacuum packing service, fly fishing gear not included.

Hookup Package

Embark on the ultimate fishing retreat! Begin your adventure at just $900 USD per person for a four-night, five-day stay, which includes accommodation as well as three full days dedicated to fishing. There's an option to enhance your experience with upgrades for additional anglers or extended days!


  • Initial price of $900. Flexibility to upgrade for more participants or extended duration.

Hookup Package

Avaliable: All year long.

Duration: 4 nights and 5 days

Group Size: Minimum 2

Includes: 4 nights, 3 full days fishing in pangas, filet and freezer service, and all meals.

Extra: Fishing license, tips, frozen bait, and vacuum packing service.

Fly Fishing Getaway ​
Embark on a comprehensive Fly Fishing vacation with us! Enjoy a five-night stay at our accommodations, relish in three daily meals, and indulge in four entire days dedicated to fly fishing. The package cost is structured for pairs sharing a boat. Kindly remember to bring along your personal fly fishing equipment, with recommendations favoring 10s and 12s.

Fly Fishing Vacation:

Avaliable: All year long.

Duration: 5 nights and 6 days

Group Size: Min 2, max 6

Includes: 5 nights, 4 full days fly fishing in pangas, filet and freezer service, and all meals.

Extra: Fishing license, tips, frozen bait, and vacuum packing service. Bring your own fly fishing gear.

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